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Roller cutters / trimmers / Roller cutters / trimmers /

Roller blades or trimmer as their other name are machines which are used for cutting paper, cardboard, foil and others. materials.
Their design consists of desktop cutting head that slip axis which in turn is secured to the holders of both ends of the board on the countertop is installed and compression molding presses that media not to place by cutting.
Different types of roller blades may have legs / stand / or designed for a table.
Trimmers / roller blades / are different types: Professional roller blades, roller blades office, combined roller blades
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Combined roller blade - RT A441

Patented design 4 in 1 cutting heads
4 in 1 cutting heads - perforation, straight cut, wavy cutting and creasing function with pressure
Price: 30.00лв.

Combined roller blade with interchangeable blades F28mm-LCJ 32

Perforating blades, straight cutti, creasing, cutting wave

Price: 35.00лв.
Price: 36.00лв.
Price: 38.00лв.
Price: 46.80лв.

Roller blade / trimmer - to 440 mm. up to 10 sheets RT A310

A3 size, up to 10 sheets of 80 gr. / m2

Price: 48.00лв.
Price: 53.00лв.

Roller blade combined - MONOLITH - Germany

Combined / multipurpose / roller blade.
Cuts up to 5 sheets.
Price: 55.00лв.
Price: 60.00лв.

Combined roller knife with replaceable blades Warrior 2038

- Combined roller blade, A4, replaceable blades
- Cutting length: up to 311 mm.
Supplied with interchangeable blades:
- Right cutting - 1.
- Microperforation - 1.
- A little wave of cutting - 1.
Price: 60.00лв.
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Lam. foil A4, 80 mic. ATTRACTIVE +

Lam. foil A4, 80 mic. ATTRACTIVE +

Price: 12.02лв.
List Price: 12.65лв.
discounts info
Discounts info
Price: 12.02лв.
List Price: 12.65лв.
Discount: 0.63лв. (5.00%)